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Luxury Gulet Holiday in Turkey

Great Stories to Remember By

We are so excited that you will be creating the best memories while onboard with Kaftan Yacht; a magical yacht made especially for your enjoyment. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that is both luxurious and deeply satisfying, so you can return home feeling refreshed and renewed.

Come aboard and discover the True Meaning of “CARE” .

Luxury living at sea

İmage gallery of amenities

Eco Sleep

A First in the World

İmage gallery of bedrooms with New Generation Eucalyptus Bedding
What They’re Saying

We felt completely spoiled and indulged.
The entire experience was unforgettable.
The crew went above and beyond to make every detail perfect,
and the yacht itself was magnificent.
The eucalyptus bedding provided a cool & refreshing feeling while sleeping, and the 24-hour AC kept the temperature perfectly comfortable at all times.
Thank you so much KAFTAN Team.

Bibi RonchiTrend Forecaster

From the moment we stepped aboard, we were greeted
with the ultimate care and pampering,
and that level of attention never wavered
throughout my entire trip.
But what really stood out to me was the food.
Every meal was a gourmet experience, with fresh ingredients and expertly prepared dishes that delighted my taste buds.
Overall, our yacht holiday was an incredible experience,
and I would highly recommend it
to anyone looking for the ultimate indulgence.

Saheb SadaghianiHotelier

From the very start to finish,
it was an absolutely amazing experience.
Thank you so much for
this wonderful holiday Kaftan Team!
I highly recommend this one-of-a-kind company
to everyone.

Attila ÖzhamaratHotelier - Restaurateur

Assembled Custom Just For You

Unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Turkey